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Bodecker distributor in Phoenix

Only Bodecker Distributor

Southwest Refreshments is the only OCS provider in the state authorized to offer the patented Bodecker Brewed single-cup option.

Gourmet coffee resource in Phoenix

Your gourmet coffee resource

We offer the quality coffee brands your employees and customers in Phoenix and Scottsdale prefer.

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Vast selection of fine teas

Build a tea bar that your Phoenix and Scottsdale employees will crave, with our premium tea options.

Bringing the coffee shop to you

Explore gourmet options

Dedicated to sustainable coffee

Southwest Refreshments believes in the importance of supporting coffee farmers, including their quality of life and ways to adapt to climate change. We support new farming methods that lower the environmental impact of growing coffee, while also increasing the social and economic development of the entire coffee-farming community.

office coffee service Phoenix

All your break room essentials

Delivering the office coffee service in Phoenix and Scottsdale that makes your company stand apart.

Create your perfect coffee and tea menu

Choose from all the name brands and gourmet options we offer to create the perfect office coffee solution for your needs.

Make your break room into a collaborative workspace with enticing coffee and tea options from Southwest Refreshments at 623.780.3036 or info@southwestvending.com.