About Southwest Refreshments

We keep your workplace drinks, food,
and snacks always at the ready

  • Personalized touch

    No two people are alike, and since people run businesses, we think each one deserves a custom solution.

  • Empower being well

    Southwest Refreshments partners with companies to bring healthy food and drink options into the break room.

  • One source for service

    From office coffee service to vending to micro-markets, we provide the full range of service solutions.

  • Service know-how

    We have been serving the residents of Phoenix and Scottsdale in break areas since 1989.

  • Local owners

    Southwest Refreshments is a family owned and operated company with roots in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

  • Cashless payments

    We place updated equipment that accepts all payment, including mobile wallets and debit/credit cards.

Committed to giving back

MOJ provides & delivers fresh meals to seniors who are unable to prepare their own meals, for patients that are recuperating at home & those desiring a more independent lifestyle.

RISE is a human services network that provides services for people with disabilities from employment assistance to early intervention programs.

Waste Not collects excess food from establishments such as restaurants and distributes it to senior centers, schools, rehabilitation centers,
and more.

Homeless Youth Connections aims to meet the basic needs of young people facing homeless situations so they can stay in school and graduate.

Your At-Work Services Provider

Quality refreshment services that cater to your unique Phoenix or Scottsdale location with great products and stellar service.

Members of the national association dedicated to high standards of vending service

We continually rotate in new products to ensure you have the very best mix available

Our equipment being online delivers 100% accountability for vending machine sales

Employees who are thoroughly trained and pushed to take pride in a job well done

High class service

Top quality workplace refreshment solutions is our promise to customers throughout the Phoenix & Scottsdale area.

We are members of the elite national associations that are dedicated to top-quality convenience services

Always bringing in new products for the very best in vending machine and micro-market selection

We invest in web-based technology to ensure we know what is selling and the status of all our equipment 24/7

Each of our employees is trained to take pride in their work and offer customers the best solutions

When your service needs to be above average, contact Southwest Refreshments at 623.780.3036 or info@southwestvending.com.