Upgrade your break room in
Phoenix and Scottsdale

Enjoy many micro-market perks

Transform your break room with an inspiring, well stocked micro-market full of food and drink options.

Ensure your break room is a refuge for employees to recharge and mingle without paying a cent. Instead, partner with Southwest Refreshments to get a micro-market for your Phoenix or Scottsdale break room. The open shelves and high-end coolers provide the perfect mini shopping lure for employees. It’s a unique way to improve the culture and is customizable to meet your goals, including wellness initiatives and employee incentives. Subsidize all or some of the products in the micro-market to truly create a benefit employees with love. We will work with you on budget and building promotions that work for your environment.

Micro-market benefits in Phoenix and Scottsdale
Easy payment options in micro-markets in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Modern payment options

Micro-markets offer payment convenience, from cash or credit at the kiosk to skipping the line all together by using the mobile app. Our system makes it easy to make fast, secure purchases, right from your phone.

Designed to be better

From attractive fixtures to custom product selections, the micro-market concept is an easy way to improve corporate culture.

Encourage healthy

Delicious healthy options that can’t fit in vending machines fit perfectly into micro-markets, offering employees choice.

Produce results

A place to refresh helps employees focus better and collaborate on ideas that ultimately are better for the company.

Positive culture

Micro-markets transform your break area into a place that sets a new vibe, improving the corporate atmosphere.

Online inventory

Each kiosk reports sales back to our warehouse for a fully automated product management system that ensures no out of stocks.

Enormous selection

With more open space, micro-markets provide hundreds of product choices with plenty of room for multiple flavors.

Top-notch fixtures

Each micro-market is custom designed with attractive stands and coolers to ensure a welcoming ambience in the break room.

Easy self check-out

Make a secure payment using the touchscreen on the kiosk or your own mobile phone with the micro-market app.

Sponsor products

Create custom employee promotions or a special onsite perk by subsidizing some or all of the costs of micro-market items.

Boost mental energy

Ensure the break room has the elements that allow employees to recharge and form connections that give life balance.

Boost the power of your break room with micro-markets from Southwest Refreshments at 623.780.3036 or info@southwestvending.com.