Gavina Gourmet coffee makes your Phoenix and Scottdale business stand out

Coffee partnerships

Gavina gets its coffee from trustworthy partners in the world’s most respected coffee growing regions.

Thoughtful roasting

Committed to finding the perfect roast for every individual coffee, Gavina inspects all beans upon arrival.

Locked-in freshness

Roasted coffee is flushed with nitrogen to preserve the flavor and aroma which rapidly decrease when it’s exposed to oxygen.

From a coffee farm in Cuba to a state-of-the-art roasting facility in Los Angeles, CA, Gavina has a history of great coffee.

A legacy of coffee dating back to 1870

The Gavina family has been growing and roasting coffee for generations, since two brothers left Spain for Cuba and opened a coffee farm in 1870. When the family came to America, they brought their love of coffee, great coffee sources, and a commitment to deliver a high-quality product. It has made Gavina one of the most successful gourmet coffee producers in the country. They offer a variety of coffees as whole bean and ground, including origin coffee, espresso, dark, special roasts, blends, and decaffeinated.

Explore the Gavina legacy in their own words

Committed to sustainability

Gavina is leading the way on how best to benefit coffee farmers and create a better future.

Offering Gavina coffee in the Phoenix and Scottsdale workplace is supporting sustainability. With ancestors that worked coffee farmers, Gavina is committed to ensuring a future for these hard-working stewards of coffee. Through foundations the company has provided technical assistance that directly benefits smallholder farmers by teaching sustainable farming techniques that will improve yields and increase household income. It has developed local infrastructure and works with lenders to provide loans to farmers. Gavina continues to look for ways to assist and ensure a positive partnership in years to come.

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