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Ensure snack vending machines are reliably stocked at your Phoenix and Scottsdale business

Keep employees and customers satisfied at your location with quality snack vending machines. Southwest Refreshments places top of the line snack vending machines filled with a variety of snacks. The vending machines accept cash, credit or debit cards, and mobile payments. Plus a built-in sensor ensures a product is dispensed, or triggers an instant refund.

Snack vending machines in Phoenix & Scottsdale

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Everyone gets hungry. Don’t let it be an excuse to leave work for extended periods. Southwest Refreshments offers an easy solution, at no cost to you, that meets the demand for on-site refreshment. Our snack vending machines are top-of-the-line with sensors that detect if a product is delivered, and if not, trigger a refund. Plus, all vending machines accept cashless payment such as credit and debit cards or mobile payments.

We stock our snack vending machines with the latest combinations of sweet and savory. Enjoy your favorite brand name candy, chips, cookies, healthy alternatives, and more. We customize the snack options until the snack vending machine is perfect for your Phoenix & Scottsdale area location.

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Choose the snack combination ideal for your Phoenix or Scottsdale location including healthy snacks

Baked chips
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Quaker snack medleys
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Traditional chips from a vending machine
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Cookies from Phoenix & Scottsdale vending machine
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Fruit & gum in Phoenix & Scottsdale
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