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Healthy salad from Phoenix & Scottsdale break room

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We know the healthy vending and micro-market solutions that work in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Corporate wellness programs work. They drive down healthcare costs and make happier, more productive employees. Progressive companies in Phoenix and Scottsdale have embraced this idea adding corporate wellness programs, and Southwest Refreshments is here to help.

Empower a healthy attitude for food at work.
Choose from a vast selection of nutritious products.
Healthy products meet nationally recognized standards.
Create happier, more productive employees.

Healthy programs in every location

Whether you have micro-markets, pantry service, or vending, we have the healthy products that will support a healthier lifestyle.

Create a healthier Phoenix or Scottsdale workforce with healthy service from Southwest Refreshments at 623.780.3036 or info@southwestvending.com.