Enjoy a more personalized coffee break directly in your office


Better coffee drinks improve workplace culture

Providing more than the basic cup of joe can have a dramatic impact on the employee experience at work. Employees love the single-cup solution as it gives everyone the chance to get the coffee or hot beverage they want.
Single cup office coffee in Phoenix & Scottsdale
Our premium single-cup brewers delivery a delicious coffee or speciality drink easily and conveniently at our location. No need to leave the office, wasting valuable time, for an energizing hot drink.
A single-cup coffee machine offers an easy way to make multiple types of coffee and hot drinks. Everyone gets to choose and personalize their own beverages, but there is only one brewer to maintain.
By offering single-cup options, your company will stand apart in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Cafe level coffee drinks are a must for any company wanting to show employees they care.
Our single-cup brewers utilize the latest in technology to ensure a perfect cup each and every time. From maintaining the ideal water temperature to specific coffee extraction specifications, these brewers focus on the science of delivering great coffee.

Advanced brewing
technology for the
best flavor one cup
at a time.

Recyclable single-cup options

Southwest Refreshments is proud to be the only Arizona distributor of Bodecker Brewed, the single-cup coffee system with a recyclable cup. With Bodecker, employees and guests gain better tasting coffee and specialty drinks while still keeping the environmental impact low. It’s a win-win that rivals coffee shops in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Workplace espresso

We know that espresso and espresso-based beverages are sought after in the workplace. The Krea coffee brewer answers this demand, delivering a freshly ground espresso coffee or espresso-based specialty beverage in a few seconds. It’s a fast, delicious hot drink option without the need for a barista.

Elevate your Phoenix or Scottsdale break area with exceptional single-cup service from Southwest Refreshments at 623.780.3036 or info@southwestvending.com.