Make your break room a desert oasis with fresh food, popular snacks, and cold drinks

Open concept delivers more variety

Trust your micro-market needs in Phoenix and Scottsdale to Southwest Refreshments

Additional products over and above vending

The open shelves and glass coolers of a micro-market allow a greater array of products to be placed in your break room. That means dozens of extra options and a more convenient store-like shopping experience.

Easy to use and secure self-checkout

Micro-market users shop by scanning their item at the kiosk and paying with cash, credit/debit card, mobile device, or individual market card. It’s a modern way to pay that offers convenience.

Customize your micro-market offerings

Ensure your employees have access to the healthy alternatives and quality food to keep them focused and inspired. From fresh salads to protein bars, tell us your must-haves and we will include them in your micro-market.

Unique, technology forward way to bring refreshment into the Phoenix and Scottsdale workplace.

Cash & Cashless Accepting

Pay any way you like at the micro-market kiosk, which accepts cash, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and market accounts.

At-work shopping experience

The open concept allows more product variety and the opportunity to examine products and labels before making a purchase.

Happy employee in Phoenix & Scottsdale eating a fresh salad

Smart Inventory System

Each micro-market kiosk is in constant contact with our headquarters, relaying sales and stocking needs 24 hours a day.

Safety & Security for all

Inconspicuous video cameras monitor the micro-market 24 hours a day recording a time stamped feed in case there is ever an issue.

Take your break room from ordinary to extraordinary

Before having a micro-market After having a micro-market in a Phoenix & Scottsdale break room

Ensure your workplace refreshment is something worth talking about with a micro-market from Southwest Refreshments at 623.780.3036 or