vending machines and office coffee service in Sun CitySun City is Searching for Vending Machines

Our state-of-the-art vending technology is built to provide your Sun City employees with name brand beverages, traditional and healthy snacks. Great prices on your favorite snacks, drink, and food from the nationally known brand names. Food vending machines are a great addition as well because our frozen food entrees allow for employees to heat up their very own lean cuisine, burrito, or breakfast sandwich. Hot beverage vending machines are an option as well which provide your Bedford employees with a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other specialty beverage.

The Most Reliable Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service for Sun City

Providing your Sun City employees with office coffee is a great way to boost company morale and keep them focused on the job. We ensure that your shelves will always be fully stocked with name brand coffees, teas, sugars, creamers, and any supplies your employees need to make that perfect cup of coffee. We offer traditional brewers which is the perfect solution for heavy users, who also want a good coffee selection. The single-cup brewers are beneficial because every employee and guest can make their own, different beverage, fast and easily.

Water filtration is another service that we provide that helps to keep your Sun City employees hydrated with refreshed, great tasting water. Save counter space with a traditional looking water cooler. Or countertop models have all the same features of a larger water cooler model, but in a compact stylish unit. We also provide floor standing and counter tops to fit your work space, which dispense both hot and cold water.

vending service and micro-markets in Sun CityMicro-Markets Are Shining in on Sun City

Make your Sun City office break room a better employee benefit at no added cost with the help of a micro-market. With open coolers and wracks where employees can personally pick out the items that they would like to purchase. They include healthy options that cater to certain diet preferences such as gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO. Your micro-market is customized to reflect the tastes of your employees from carbonated beverages to healthy alternatives. Sun City employees will love the increased selection of products like name fresh food and beverages.

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