Best complete refreshment services provider in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area

Enhance productivity and increase morale

Break room solution experts in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area with a full range of refreshment services including vending machines, office coffee service, and micro-markets

It’s time to turn your break room into an inspiring place that draws in employees, and Southwest Refreshments has the solution. We were the first in the Phoenix area to implement micro-markets because we saw the value of expanding break room food and beverage options for our customers. Our solutions are currently in local brand distribution centers, call centers, private companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Southwest Refreshments has the full range of services to impress and meet your needs, from the advanced technology in our vending machines to the customized selections of office coffee and tea to the innovative thinking that brought you micro-markets. Our local management team crafts your refreshment solution using a century of combined experience paired with the latest ideas. Let us consult on your greater Phoenix or Scottsdale area break room to enhance the company culture with all the different aspects of refreshment services you will ever need.

Pay with your mobile device

No need to carry cash with our vending machines and micro-markets that accept cashless payment via mobile.

Up-to-the-minute information

Reliable connections to our equipment via the internet allow real-time reporting on what’s in stock and possible issues.

Equipment for today's needs

From state-of-the-art vending machines to sophisticated coffee brewers, we offer the most innovative technology.

Eco-friendly processes

We are going green with energy saving LED lights, recycling programs, energy efficient rated equipment, and more.

We specialize in the latest tailor-designed solutions for your greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area break room.

Maintaining the ideal temperature

All our vehicles are refrigerated to ensure your food, beverages, and snacks arrive at the ideal temperature.

Rival local coffee shops

Perk up employees and guests with gourmet and specialty coffee and tea from the experts in office coffee service. Collectively, our management team has over a hundred years of experience providing the best office coffee service in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Trust us to know what works and how to make your break room truly stand out in terms of an employee benefit and retention tool.

Experience today’s best variety of services

Coffee service in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Inspiring office coffee service

Don’t settle for “so-so” coffee, when today’s equipment can deliver delicious, gourmet quality coffee and specialty drinks.

Phoenix and Scottsdale micro-markets

Latest break room craze

Micro-markets offer a self-checkout refreshment shopping experience tailored to your greater Phoenix and Scottsdale workplace.

Pantry service in a Phoenix and Scottsdale office

Fuel innovation and creation

Pay for a select number of food and drink items available to employees and watch the increase in employee morale.

Vending machines in a Phoenix and Scottsdale break room

Modern vending machine service

Our equipment has the latest technology built right in from product delivery sensors to acceptance of mobile payments.

Employees in Phoenix and Scottsdale office enjoying refreshments

Full range of refreshment services

We are a complete refreshment services provider in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area with everything you need.

Make your break room an oasis for employees and guests with better refreshment options from Southwest Refreshments at 623.780.3036 or